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How to Fix Spotify Premium Student is not Working

As a student, managing a Spotify Premium subscription can sometimes be tricky. You’re not alone if you’ve encountered issues with your service not working. This post utilizes my personal experience to help you navigate and overcome these problems.

When your Spotify Premium Student service stops working, it can disrupt your daily routine of streaming your favorite music and podcasts. The important thing is to approach the problem in a planned way.

  1. First, verify your subscription status. Sometimes, a lapsed payment or an issue with your student verification can cause unpleasant interruptions.
  2. Be sure your internet connection is stable next. A stable connection is essential for Spotify to stream media effectively.
  3. If everything seems in order, log out and log back into your account. This simple step can often refresh your settings and resolve minor glitches.

Having faced similar issues with my Spotify Premium account during my student years, I found that keeping a close eye on the subscription renewal dates and regularly updating the app prevented most problems. Remember, these issues are common and usually easy to fix.

Is Spotify Student Still Available?

Yes, Spotify Student is available, presenting an excellent option for students to immerse in their favorite music. For a fraction of the price of Spotify Premium, students can get access to all of the premium features, including offline listening, high-quality music, and unlimited skips.

This is particularly useful for those who might experience issues like Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds, as the premium features ensure smoother playback.

Enjoy 50% off the regular price as a student and create your own playlists, share them with friends, and listen to music from all over the world. You need to be a current student at an approved institution and have your student ID on hand to get this discount.

This makes it an affordable way to listen to music, ranking as one of the best ways for students to access Spotify’s vast library of songs and playlists. Additionally, with the Spotify Student plan, students can explore features like How to See Old Spotify Wrapped, enhancing their music experience with personalized yearly summaries.

What to do if Spotify Student Doesn’t Work:

Explore solutions for Spotify premium student accounts facing problems.

1: Safe Connection to the Internet

If you’re having issues listening to Spotify, checking your internet connection should be your first step in fixing the problem. It is important to ensure their safety. If you’re having trouble using your Wi-Fi, try connecting to a more secure network.

Syncing your new Spotify Premium account with your device is essential for making the most of your student account. This step will ensure quick access to your premium account features. Proper synchronization is essential to make your subscription experience complete and hassle-free.

3: Restart Device to Fix the Problem

To activate your Spotify premium account effectively, sometimes the simplest solution is to restart your device. If your account isn’t functioning immediately, check its functions after logging back into your account. This can be a surprisingly helpful step in troubleshooting.

4: Verify Payment Status

To ensure your Spotify Premium account functions correctly, verify if your payment has been processed. If you want to see where your Spotify subscription stands financially, open the app, go to “Account,” and choose your plan. Confirm if your subscription has been activated. Regularly checking the payment status can prevent unexpected disruptions in service.

Causes of Spotify Premium Student’s Failure

There are a handful of typical causes for errors that could occur when using Spotify Premium Student. It’s unfortunate but true.

First, always confirm your student status. If your account fails to work, it might be because your student credentials need re-verification.

Next, check your account details thoroughly. If issues persist, try again after a brief interval, as temporary glitches can affect access.

Additionally, if Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds, this could indicate a specific app issue rather than a problem with your student account. Explore Spotify Easter Eggs, as they can sometimes interfere with normal playback.

1: Not Eligible:

One common reason for Spotify Premium Student not working is failing to meet eligibility criteria. Make sure you’re a current student at an approved school, like a university, by checking your email.

You must be currently enrolled to qualify. Also, if you have previously used this offer, you may not be eligible again. Always check these details before subscribing to the Spotify Premium plan.

2: Invalid or Outdated Student Identification:

A common hurdle accessing Spotify Premium is presenting invalid or outdated student identification. Students must provide a current school ID as evidence of attendance.

Spotify requires this to confirm your enrollment status. It’s crucial to validate your student credentials regularly, ensuring they are updated and accurate. This simple step can prevent many access issues related to student verification.

3: Payments Problems:

Make sure there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the subscription and that your payment method is legitimate. Think of introducing a different payment method in case there’s an issue. In order to resolve any underlying payment concerns, it may be necessary to contact your bank.

4: Problems with your Accounts:

If your Spotify account is not functioning correctly, a simple yet effective step is to log out and then log in again. This refresh can often get your account working smoothly.

If you’re still having trouble, try accessing Spotify from a different device or browser. This troubleshooting method addresses many common glitches related to account functionality.

5: Termination of Subscription After One Year:

After the first year, most student Spotify Premium accounts automatically deactivate. If you want to keep listening to music without limits, you have to renew your Spotify premium subscription every year. This renewal process ensures continuous service without interruption.

How Much Time Does Spotify’s Student Verification Take?

The authentication process for Spotify students typically takes one business day. This begins once you’ve completed submitting your student verification details. You’ll receive an email indicating whether your application is accepted or denied.

Successful verification grants you access to the student discount, while a denial means continuing with a regular Spotify membership. You can reapply if your first request is denied. A requirement for these student discounts is that you are a registered student at an approved school.

The verification process is straightforward and designed to confirm your student status swiftly and efficiently. Remember, if your circumstances change or you encounter any issues, Spotify’s support can assist. The goal is to provide a seamless experience for students seeking to enjoy music and podcasts at a discounted rate.

Verification of Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify uses the SheerID technology to confirm student IDs for Spotify Premium Student Verification. It’s advised to complete the form in your browser’s private or incognito window to ensure the page loads correctly.

SheerID support is available to help administer the process. After submitting your student ID, there might be a few days to wait for your student discount application to receive approval.

Why come to Spotify Premium Student Verification Doesn’t Work?

Students may face problems with the Verification of Spotify Premium for Students. One common issue discussed in the Spotify forum is that this service might be unavailable in certain areas or countries due to restrictions. Before attempting to sign up, confirming if the service is offered in your location and if your enrollment is eligible is crucial.

Why Spotify Premium Student Discount Not Working

Issues with the Spotify Premium Student Discount not working often arise from verification problems. In partnership with Sheer-ID, Spotify rigorously verifies students’ eligibility criteria for the discount. If your discount isn’t applying, it’s possible SheerID hasn’t successfully verified your official Spotify account.

This third-party service ensures only eligible students access the student premium discount. Utilizing the three-month sample period typically generates no charges for new users, allowing you to test the service. Ensure your identity and enrollment details are accurately provided to SheerID for a seamless discount application.

How Can I Fix Spotify Student Discount Issues?

If your Spotify premium student account is malfunctioning, there are steps you can take to solve this problem. To return to your Spotify playlist with a functioning student premium account, adhere to Spotify’s guidelines to ensure Spotify student discount eligibility.

  1. Begin by visiting the Spotify Student page and clicking ‘Get Started.’
  2. Use your current login information or establish a new one by clicking the “Sign Up” button.
  3. Next, enter your personal data, such as name, college, and birthdate.
  4. Then, use the ‘Verify’ option in the menu. To verify your student status, Spotify partners with SheerID.
  5. Choose your payment option, and use an incognito or private browser window for a smoother process.
  6. After inputting your billing information, you’ll finish the Student Discount registration procedure, and your account should be ready for use.

How Does Sheer-ID Work?

A company called SheerID focuses on verifying student status. It works by gathering primary personal data to verify a user’s eligibility for certain offers, like Spotify’s student discount. Users may be asked to upload eligibility-related documentation.

SheerID is committed to the security of this data, adhering to strict standards to protect personal information and ensuring not to sell it to third parties.

Verification has Expired.

There is a time limit on how long a SheerID verification is valid. Regularly re-verifying your student status is vital to maintain student discount benefits.

Not Eligible for Verification:

You need to be a current student at a school that offers programs that are eligible for SheerID verification in order to get your student status verified. If you find yourself ineligible, SheerID’s customer support team can provide help with any student verification issues.

Invalid documents:

SheerID may ask users to upload documentation, such as a transcript or student ID, to confirm their student status. This supporting documentation must be valid and match the specific verification requirements set by SheerID.

Limited availability:

Student discounts on Spotify are not universally accessible and may be limited to specific student populations or available only at particular times of the year. If you’re looking into issues as a user, consider that these restrictions might be why your discount isn’t applying. In such cases, contacting SheerID customer service can be a helpful step.

If you’re still facing student verification problems, as a user, the first course of action is to check for possible reasons behind the issue. To get help from SheerID’s customer support, contact them if the problem continues. You can get detailed instructions and clarification on any restrictions or prerequisites from them.

Can I Act like I’m a Student for Spotify?

Attempting to pretend to be a student for a Spotify student discount subscription is not advisable. Spotify offers this discount exclusively to verified students with valid email addresses.

If you want to be eligible, you have to do things like enroll in a college or institution that meets certain requirements. If Spotify discovers that a discounted membership is linked to fraudulent activity or verification errors, the service has the authority to cancel the subscription.

Therefore, attempting to gain access to the student discount under false pretenses is not recommended. Honesty in maintaining the integrity of Spotify’s student program ensures fair access for all eligible students.


Why is My Spotify Premium Student not working?

Spotify Premium for Students is prone to a number of issues. If your student discount has run out, it needs to be renewed. Also, during registering for the student discount, ensure that you haven’t provided incorrect information, which could lead to issues with activation.

How do I Renew my Spotify Premium for Students Discounts?

Here are the procedures to follow if your student discount has expired:

1: The receipt of the renewal notice can be seen on the account tab of your Spotify account after logging in.

2: In the Spotify Premium for Students section, you’ll be prompted to verify your student status again.

3: Update your payment information if necessary to complete the renewal process.

Why won’t my Spotify Student Work?

Your Spotify student discount might not be working due to verification concerns. Opening a new tab or window in your browser without logging in might help. This helps ensure that no pre-populating fields with saved information cause the process to fail.

Why am I not eligible for Spotify Premium Student?

You might not be eligible for Spotify Premium student if your institution isn’t listed on SheerID during verification. When filling out the form, ensure your institution is recognized to qualify for the discount. Additionally, the time of registering matters; your student email address must be actively linked to your Spotify account for eligibility.


In conclusion, resolving issues with the Spotify Premium Student subscription involves carefully reviewing various factors, including eligibility verification through SheerID, ensuring accurate and updated personal and payment information, and being aware of the limitations and specific requirements of the discount.

Regular renewal of the student status and adherence to Spotify’s guidelines are essential to uninterrupted access to the service. For any persistent problems, reaching out to SheerID’s customer support provides an effective avenue for assistance.

By methodically addressing each potential issue, students can enjoy their Spotify experience with all the benefits the premium student discount offers.

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