Score BIG! Spotify Premium for Students – Only $5.99/Month

Let’s face it, being a student means juggling textbooks, ramen noodles, and the occasional existential crisis. The last thing you need is another drain on your limited budget.But let’s be honest, who can resist jamming out to their favorite tunes while studying, hitting the gym, or commuting to that dreaded 8 am lecture?

Fear not, students! There’s a way to enjoy ad-free music on Spotify without breaking the bank. Enter Spotify Premium for Students – your gateway to a world of on-demand music, minus the pesky interruptions. Buckle up because we’re about to dive deep into this awesome student discount and show you how to unlock a year of premium music streaming at a fraction of the regular price!

Instant Answer:

Spotify offers students a Premium subscription for $5.99/month, providing ad-free music, offline listening, and exclusive student features. Eligibility requires verification of student status through SheerID. Sign up via the Spotify student signup page. The discount lasts 12 months, after which the price may increase.

What is Spotify Premium for Students?

Spotify Premium is the upgraded version of the free Spotify service, offering a ton of perks that every music lover dreams of. Imagine saying goodbye to those annoying ads that disrupt your study flow. With Spotify Premium, you can stream millions of songs on-demand, meaning you’re the DJ and get to pick exactly what you want to listen to, whenever you want. Feeling stressed before an exam? Create a custom playlist to pump you up or unwind with some calming tunes.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Spotify Premium also lets you download your favorite songs and podcasts for offline listening. No more worrying about spotty internet connection draining your data plan – you can jam out to your tunes even when you’re underground on the subway. Now, let’s talk about the student discount. Here’s the cherry on top: you can enjoy all these premium features for a significantly reduced price compared to the regular subscription. Typically, it’s around $5.99 per month, which translates to huge savings over a year. To qualify, you just need to be enrolled at an accredited institution.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Students

Signing up for Spotify Premium for Students is a breeze. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

    Head over to the Spotify student signup page.

    Click on “Get Started” and enter your student email address.

    Spotify will then verify your eligibility with a third-party service called SheerID. You might be asked to upload a document proving your student status, such as a current student ID, class schedule, or registration receipt.

    Once verified, you’ll be able to create your Spotify account (if you don’t have one already) and enjoy your discounted subscription!

    Pro Tip: If you’re already a Spotify user with a free account, you can easily upgrade to Premium for Students by following these same steps.

    Why Choose Spotify Premium for Students?

    Sure, the discounted price is a major win, but Spotify Premium for Students offers more than just saving a few bucks. Here are some additional perks that make it a perfect fit for student life:

        • Fuel Your Focus: Curated student playlists and podcasts can help you zone in and conquer those study sessions.

        • Level Up Your Workout: Crank up some high-energy tunes to crush your workout routine without any interruptions.

        • Offline Listening FTW: No internet? No problem! Download your favorite songs and podcasts for offline listening, perfect for commutes or those dead zones on campus.

        • App Integration: Integrate Spotify seamlessly with your favorite student life apps like study planners or fitness trackers.

        • Student Life Soundtrack: Discover new music and connect with other students through shared playlists and music recommendations.

      Compared to other streaming services, Spotify Premium for Students often offers a longer discount period and a wider range of student-focused features, making it the ultimate music companion for busy students.


      What happens after the 12-month student discount period?

      After your initial 12 months, the price of your subscription might increase to the regular Spotify Premium price. You’ll receive a notification before this happens, so you can decide if you want to continue with the regular plan or cancel your subscription.

      Can I lose the discount if I graduate or take a leave of absence?

      Yes, your eligibility for the student discount is tied to your active enrollment at an accredited institution. If you graduate or take a leave of absence, you might need to re-verify your student status to maintain the discount.

      Can I share my student discount with friends?

      Unfortunately, Spotify Premium for Students is limited to one account per eligible student. Sharing your login credentials to access the discount violates Spotify’s terms of service.

      Is there anything else I need to know?

      Keep in mind that pricing and specific verification requirements might vary slightly depending on your region. You can always check Spotify’s official student discount page for the latest information.


      Let’s recap: Spotify Premium for Students is the ultimate music solution for budget-conscious students. You get to ditch the ads, enjoy on-demand music streaming, download songs for offline listening, and access exclusive student features – all at a fraction of the regular price!

      Don’t just survive your studies, soundtrack them! Sign up for Spotify Premium for Students today and unlock a world of musical possibilities. Remember, the initial discount period typically lasts 12 months, so take advantage of this awesome deal while you can!

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