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How to Renew Your Spotify Premium Student Discount in

The digital music streaming service Spotify has more than one billion subscribers and provides users with unparalleled access to an extensive library of audio content, including millions of songs, podcasts, and more, created by artists all over the globe. In order to meet the demands of its varied customer base, this service offers multiple subscription tiers.

For those enrolled in a recognized institution or university, Spotify introduces a special discount plan – the Spotify Premium Student Discount. This plan grants a 50% concession on the regular premium subscriptions, making it a sought-after membership among students.

The renewal of your Spotify Premium Student Discount involves a simple yet crucial Verification Process. Coming from someone who has used this method firsthand, I can attest to its effectiveness and the substantial cost savings it provides. Each year, students must reaffirm their eligibility to maintain this discount.

This entails confirming their enrollment status at their university or institution and ensuring continued access to Spotify’s full range of premium features. While it might initially seem like a minor task, this renewal is vital for enjoying uninterrupted, high-quality music and content at a fraction of the cost.

How to Renew Spotify Premium Student Discount

Approximately 4 weeks before the expiration of your Spotify student discount, Spotify sends an email to alert you. It’s a reminder to renew your subscription to avoid paying the regular amount. This proactive approach ensures you continue enjoying your favorite tunes at discounted rates.

Renew Spotify Student Discount

Everyone may quickly renew their subscription to the Spotify website because of how simple it is.

  • Logging into your account is the initial step to start the process. Once you’re logged in, locate the settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it.
  • Here, you will find an option to select ‘Student Discount’ from the available options.
  • After selecting, click ‘Renew’. By clicking this link, you will be taken to the Sheer ID platform, where you will be asked to provide your personal details in order to verify your account.
  • This verification is crucial for completing the required details to maintain student status.
  • Your payment information will then be requested. It’s important to thoroughly verify these details before proceeding.
  • Following this, you will need to patiently await the renewal’s confirmation.

Before you finish your checkout, you can also select to verify your student status. By doing so, you may be certain that your account is up-to-date with your present academic status.

The App Store and the Google Play Store are two of the many markets that students in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Mexico can use to pay for their subscriptions.

For customers who would rather pay their bills with digital debit cards or monthly cell balances, direct carrier billing solutions like Airtel Payments Bank are available in some areas.

When you shop online in some countries, you can use PayPal to make a smooth transaction. Payment methods are flexible and can be changed later on to suit the user’s preferences and the services they utilize.

Importance of Renewing Your Spotify Student Plan

Verifying your student discount annually is crucial to maintaining the Spotify student plan. If this is not provided, your account will be upgraded to a normal premium plan at $9.99 per month. Unless you renew it, the subscription will automatically expire after 12 months.

When you renew, be sure to provide a recent photo of your student ID. Once confirmed, you can resume enjoying the benefits of Spotify at a student rate.

If you fail to renew, you might encounter issues like how to fix Spotify Premium Student is not working. These problems often arise from not maintaining your eligibility, which is the root of most problems with the student plan.

Acknowledging and addressing these issues is as important as discovering Spotify Easter Eggs, those hidden gems that enhance your listening experience. Keeping your subscription updated is critical to continuing to enjoy the advantages of Spotify Premium as a student.

How to Extend Spotify Premium Student After 4 years?

After enjoying the Spotify Student program with its subsidized pricing for four years, you might wonder how to continue your music journey as participation in this program comes to an end.

There are a few steps to follow in order to switch from the student plan to Spotify Premium, even though the price may be the same or even cheaper once the plan ends.

  1. To begin, go to your profile page after logging into your current account; this will be necessary when your 4-year student membership expires. In the upper right spot, press the “Settings” keyboard shortcut.
  2. Doing so will display a menu on the screen’s left edge. Here, choose ‘Subscription & Payment.’ Pick up a new subscription plan that works for you now.
  3. After you graduate from college, you may want to consider one of Spotify’s premium or family subscriptions, which provide more features and maybe better value.
  4. You can complete the payment for the plan you chose by following the on-screen prompts. Your account will be renewed and upgraded as soon as your payment is validated, so you can continue watching without any interruptions.

By following these steps, you can smoothly transition from the Spotify Student program to a new plan that suits your current lifestyle and music needs.

How to Extend Spotify Student Subscription Beyond Four Years?

In most countries, higher education typically spans four years, aligning with the duration Spotify Premium Student is available. For students who stay in school longer, it’s regrettably the case that no exceptions are made to extend this subscription for more than four years.

However, there’s a workaround to keep enjoying Spotify’s premium features even after your student subscription expires. Take Spotify by surprise and upgrade to one of their amazing, discounted options, such Premium Family or Duo, at no extra cost.

These options let you continue enjoying Spotify’s vast music library, albeit not under the student label, but still at a value that suits your evolving music needs. As the term of your student plan draws to a close, be sure to look into these alternatives.


How to Reverify Spotify Student Discount?

To verify your Spotify Student Discount, log in to your account. Go to the settings tab, select ‘Student Discount,’ then click ‘Renew.’

You must follow the prompts to verify your personal and payment information. After completing these steps, wait for confirmation of a successful renewal.

It’s a quick, user-friendly process designed to ensure your continued access to discounted Spotify Premium services.

Do Ads Run Between Songs in a Spotify Student Subscription?

No, Enjoy uninterrupted music with a Spotify Student Subscription.

Do You Have to Renew Spotify Student?

Spotify student subscriptions must be renewed annually. Unless you change your mind or no longer qualify, your subscription will continue annually without your intervention.


In conclusion, renewing the Spotify Premium Student Discount is a straightforward yet essential process for students who wish to continue enjoying their favorite music without interruption.

With annual renewal reminders sent via email, students must log in, verify their status, and update payment information, ensuring they meet the eligibility criteria.

While the student discount is limited to four years, Spotify offers other attractive plans like Premium Family and Duo for continued access to its vast library at reduced prices.

By managing their subscriptions proactively, students can seamlessly transition between plans, maintaining uninterrupted access to Spotify’s extensive collection of songs and podcasts.

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