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5 Unique Spotify Easter Eggs! A Musical Hunt 2024

As a passionate music enthusiast and long-time user of Spotify, I’ve always been intrigued by the subtle yet fascinating hidden Spotify Easter Eggs within this popular music streaming platform. These Easter eggs are like secrets, carefully woven into the app, offering a sprinkle of amusement and surprise for users.

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  1. Star Wars Easter Egg
  2. Winter Christmas Easter Egg
  3. Stranger Things Mode
  4. Pride Easter Egg
  5. Nyan Cat Easter Egg

Over the past years, I’ve discovered five such gems, each bringing a unique twist to the songs and playlists I love. While Spotify might appear as just another platform for music, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

It’s not just about the updates or the new features it offers; it’s the thrill of finding something hidden within your daily music routine. I remember the first time I heard about these Easter eggs. At first, I thought they might not exist. But as I explored, it was like unearthing little treasures that were there all along, just waiting to be found.

It’s fascinating how these Easter eggs create a deeper connection between the platform and its users. They aren’t just about the songs but about creating a moment of surprise and delight. As I look forward to discovering more of these hidden features, I can’t help but wonder what Spotify has in store for us in the future.

What are Easter Eggs in Music Platforms?

Easter eggs in music streaming platforms like Spotify are a realm of hidden surprises that greatly enhance user engagement. Seamlessly integrated into the software, these Easter eggs, often in plain sight, require a keen eye and a zest for exploration.

They unexpectedly pop up, injecting surprise and keeping users engaged in a playful discovery process. As a music lover and tech enthusiast, I’ve been deeply captivated by these hidden gems on Spotify.

They manifest in various forms, from secret commands activating hidden games to interactive elements revealing exclusive content.

Discovering a track on Spotify with unreleased tracks or rare recordings feels akin to unearthing a hidden treasure, an extraordinary experience comparable to a treasure hunt.

Users actively seek out these Easter eggs, exploring in hopes of stumbling upon something unique. This exciting sense of discovery and delight distinguishes platforms like Spotify, boosting their popularity and offering users a personalized experience with tailored music recommendations.

Moreover, in the context of Spotify, Easter eggs are more than just entertainment; they symbolize a connection between the platform and its audience.

They transform the routine action of music listening into an engaging, interactive experience. Every interaction on Spotify holds the potential for new and exciting discoveries.

As a user, this anticipation keeps me returning to Spotify, eager to see what’s next, including looking back at personalized experiences like how to See old Spotify Wrapped, which offers a nostalgic journey through past music preferences, further enhancing the user connection with the platform.

List Of 5 Easter Eggs On Spotify

Spotify has always been more than just a music streaming platform; it’s a treasure trove of surprises, especially when it comes to Easter eggs. Over the previous years, Spotify has updated and introduced various Easter eggs, each with a unique charm.

Among them, the most iconic has to be the Star War Easter Egg. Available only on the desktop version, this Easter egg transformed the music progress bar into a lightsaber, delighting Star Wars fans worldwide. Although some Easter eggs have been removed after a specific period, their memory lingers.

Each of these Easter eggs provided a unique experience, making them a sought-after feature for users looking to add a bit of fun to their music-listening experience. So next time you’re on Spotify, keep an eye out – you might stumble upon a hidden gem.

1. Star Wars Easter Egg

The Star Wars Easter Egg on Spotify is a brilliant example of a hidden trick that took the Internet by storm. Catering to fans of the iconic franchise, this Easter egg transformed the progress bar into various lightsaber designs while playing songs from the Star Wars soundtrack.

Star wars easter eggs

One only needed to play tracks from a specific Star Wars playlist on Desktop Spotify to activate this feature. For a small period, there was even a fun code, “THX1138,” which enabled this feature on any playlist, not just the Star Wars one.

Although it was available only for a limited time, the joy and excitement it brought to users were immense, showcasing Spotify’s commitment to creating a unique and engaging user experience.

2. Winter Christmas Easter Egg

The Winter Christmas Easter Egg on Spotify was a delightful feature that induced a festive vibe during the holiday season. When users played a Christmas song, the progress bar on the screen transformed into a whimsical candy cane design. Charming snowflakes gently drifted across the screen, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

This Easter egg, though not widely discovered by the internet community, was a hidden gem for those who stumbled upon it. Unfortunately, this charming feature is no longer available, but it remains a fond memory for those who experienced it, highlighting Spotify’s creativity in bringing seasonal cheer to its platform.

3. Stranger Things Mode

For fans of the popular Netflix TV show Stranger Things, Spotify introduced a thrilling mode for a short period. This Easter egg was a spine-tingling surprise for users.

When you listened to music from the Stranger Things playlists, an eerie Flashlights scene from the Upside Down world would start popping up without any interaction, only to disappear in a split second if you touched the screen.

This immersive feature created a unique listening experience, intertwining the haunting world of Stranger Things with the everyday act of enjoying music on Spotify, making it a memorable and engaging Easter egg for the platform’s users.

4. Pride Easter Egg

Much like the Star War Easter Egg, where a lightsaber replaced the progress bar, Spotify once celebrated inclusivity with the Pride Easter Egg. When users played songs from the Pride Classics playlist, the usual progress bar transformed into a vibrant rainbow slider, complete with various Pride logos displayed alongside.

This feature not only added a visual flair to the listening experience but also honored the spirit of Pride. Although this colorful Easter egg is no longer available, it left a lasting impression on the community, reminding us of the power of music to unite and represent diverse voices.

Its presence was a reminder that on Spotify, there’s always a chance for delightful surprises, and perhaps, like many great things, it might make a comeback in the future.

5. Nyan Cat Easter Egg

Spotify delighted its users with the Nyan Cat Easter Egg for a short-lived but memorable period. Simply listening to the Nyan Cat song on the platform, the usual progress bar was magically enabled to transform into a colorful, themed animation inspired by the popular internet meme.

This playful Easter egg brought a whimsical touch to the music streaming experience, demonstrating Spotify’s penchant for infusing fun into its interface.

Though this Easter egg is no longer present, it left a lasting impact on users, highlighting the joy of unexpected digital surprises. Its disappearance leaves us hopeful for similar creative Easter eggs in the future.

Spotify Next Easter Egg

The anticipation for Spotify’s Next Easter Egg is always high among users. Given the platform’s history of only introducing 4 Easter eggs in the past 10 years, each new addition becomes a much-awaited event. Fans of past Easter eggs, like the Nyan Cat, Pride, Christmas, and Stranger Things, often check back every year or two, hoping to experience something new.

Unfortunately, efforts to download old versions of the app to activate these removed Easter eggs didn’t work, adding to the intrigue of what Spotify might unveil next. It’s a game of patience and excitement, as each new Easter egg brings a unique layer of interactivity and fun to the music streaming experience. So, keep an eye on the list of Easter eggs and be ready to dive into the next surprise that Spotify may add in the few years to come.

Importance of Spotify Easter Eggs

The Importance of Spotify Easter Eggs lies in their ability to enrich the user experience beyond just music streaming. Through Spotify’s past endeavors in the realm of Easter eggs, although limited, they have shown a unique way to engage and delight users.

These Easter eggs serve multiple purposes: they are hidden gems that reward curious users, encourage exploration, and add an element of fun to the routine act of music listening.

By crafting these Easter eggs, Spotify demonstrates its effort and hope to connect more deeply with its audience. As a user, keeping your eyes open while using Spotify becomes an adventurous quest to be the first to find the next hidden gem.

This anticipation is what makes these Easter eggs a critical aspect of Spotify’s appeal, and there’s always the excitement for what might be discovered shortly.

Discoveries For Users

Spotify is known for its hidden Easter eggs that serve as positive surprises for its users, effectively turning the music streaming experience into a delightful treasure hunt. These Easter eggs are more than just gimmicks; they induce dopamine in our brains, enhancing overall enjoyment.

As a regular Spotify user, I can attest to the joy of stumbling upon these hidden features. It’s akin to finding a secret door in your favorite room – each discovery adds a layer of excitement and fun to the user experience.

The clever integration of these Easter eggs shows how Spotify values the element of surprise, aiming to keep its users delighted and engaged.

This strategy increases the sense of enjoyment and fosters a deeper connection with the platform. Each new Easter egg is a testament to Spotify’s commitment to creating an immersive and interactive environment for its users, making every interaction with the app a potential moment of joy.

Genre-Specific Easter Eggs

Genre-specific Easter eggs on Spotify uniquely deepen the engagement with music lovers of all tastes. Imagine an Easter egg that pays homage to your favorite TV show or music genre – it’s like uncovering a secret handshake within the app. For instance, the Stranger Things Easter egg was a brilliant example of this concept.

It wasn’t just a fun surprise; it added a layer of personalization to the listening experience, enhancing the engagement with the platform.

These Easter eggs serve as a nod to various cultural phenomenons and demonstrate how Spotify cleverly integrates popular culture into its interface, creating moments of connection between the platform and its diverse user base.

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Spotify has a knack for elevating the festival mood during various events through its event-related Easter eggs. These Easter eggs are specific to Christmas, Holi, Eid, and Easter, infusing each celebration with unique, thematic touches.

By integrating these unique features, Spotify transforms the listening experience into memorable moments associated with each festive period. As a user, discovering an Easter egg tailored to a particular festival always feels like a personalized gift from the platform.

It reflects how music and cultural celebrations can intertwine to create enriched, vibrant experiences on digital platforms. Whether it’s Christmas carols with a snowy backdrop or Eid songs accompanied by visual festivities, Spotify’s event-related Easter eggs add a layer of joy and engagement, making each festival more immersive and enjoyable for users around the globe.

Social Buzz

The Easter eggs on Spotify enhance the individual listening experience and generate a social buzz and a sense of community among users. As humans, our penchant for social interaction is amplified by these playful discoveries.

Each new Easter egg becomes a topic of excitement and conversation on the platform and across various social media channels. Users eagerly share their discoveries with friends, encouraging others to join the hunt.

This communal aspect of Easter egg hunting on Spotify reinforces the bond between users as they discuss and unravel these hidden gems. It’s a testament to how digital platforms like Spotify can foster social connections and shared experiences, making music listening a collective joy rather than a solitary activity.

Attachment with Users

Spotify’s Easter eggs are crucial in creating an attachment with its users. These hidden gems within the app are more than just playful features; they enhance user loyalty and strengthen the relationship between Spotify and its audience.

Every Easter egg discovered is a step towards solidifying this bond, as they bring a unique and personal touch to the user experience.

This strategic use of Easter eggs ensures a loyal user base, as users feel valued and connected to the platform. It’s a clever way of keeping users engaged and committed, proving that small surprises can significantly impact user retention and satisfaction.

Enhanced Experience

Spotify sets itself apart from other music streaming platforms through its clever use of Easter Eggs, significantly enhancing the user experience. These Easter Eggs are more than mere features; they embody elements of surprise, creativity, and exploration that users love.

Discovering these Easter Eggs leaves users wanting more, eagerly staying tuned to the platform with high expectations for future surprises.

This strategy makes the Spotify experience more engaging and builds a sense of anticipation and excitement, making each interaction with the app a new adventure. This level of engagement keeps users coming back, always curious about what they might find next on their musical journey.


How do you Activate the Lightsaber Easter Egg on Spotify?

To activate the lightsaber Easter egg on Spotify, start by searching for Star Wars in the search bar. Once you find it, play any of the Star Wars songs on your desktop version of Spotify, and watch the magic happen as your progress bar turns into a lightsaber!

Are there any Easter Eggs on Spotify?

Yes, Spotify does feature Easter eggs, though they often follow a trend and aren’t permanently available. The Star Wars Easter egg is present now, but as with others, nobody knows how long it will stay before it might go.

How do I Permanently get my Lightsaber on Spotify?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get the lightsaber permanently on Spotify, as it’s not a standard app feature. It becomes visible temporarily due to special events like the blockbuster Star Wars releases.

Does the Stranger Things Spotify Easter Egg Still Work?

No, the Stranger Things Easter egg on Spotify doesn’t work anymore. You can no longer see the flashlight scene on the screen when you play songs from its playlist.

How to Enable Spotify Easter Eggs?

There are different ways to enable Easter eggs on Spotify, depending on the specific Easter egg. Presently, the Star Wars Easter egg is in progress. Remember, you can’t use the same method of activating one Easter egg for another.

What are Spotify Easter Eggs?

Spotify Easter eggs are hidden features within the music streaming platform that create moments of fun and surprise for users. They are special treats that users come across unexpectedly, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their Spotify experience.

Can I Still Try All the Spotify Easter Eggs?

Unfortunately, not all Spotify Easter eggs are currently available. You can only try the Star Wars Easter Egg on the desktop version of Spotify.

Other famous Easter eggs like the Winter Christmas, Pride, Nyan Cat, and Stranger Things Mode are no longer available. These unique features added a special touch to the Spotify experience but were only available for a limited time.

What is Spotify Star War Easter Eggs?

The Spotify Star Wars Easter eggs are a fun treat for fans of the iconic saga. These Easter eggs allow users to discover hidden surprises within the platform. Playing themed playlists related to Star Wars allows you to immerse yourself in the galaxy far away.

This includes changing your profile icons to Jedi or Sith symbols and enjoying unique sound effects that bring the Star Wars universe into your musical journey.

It’s a creative way Spotify connects fans with their favorite universe, adding an extra layer of engagement to the music streaming experience. So, May the Force be with you as you explore these Easter eggs!


In conclusion, “Spotify Easter Eggs” offers a unique blend of music and playful discovery, transforming the usual streaming experience into an exciting adventure.

These Easter eggs, ranging from the iconic Star Wars theme to the festive Winter Christmas and Pride celebrations, not only cater to the diverse interests of users but also foster a deeper connection with the platform.

While not all Easter eggs are permanently available, their temporary presence adds an element of surprise and delight, keeping users engaged and curious about what Spotify might unveil next.

This clever integration of pop culture and interactive elements demonstrates Spotify’s commitment to enhancing user experience and maintaining a dynamic, fun-filled environment for music lovers worldwide.

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