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How to See Old Spotify Wrapped Playlist

Are you curious about the tunes that defined your last year? Spotify Wrapped is a great way to rediscover your most-listened-to songs from the previous 12 months. As a user myself, I’ve found it fascinating to look back at my personalized list of greatest hits, offering fun features and exciting insights into my listening habits.

Whether I used my Android phone or a smart speaker, by early December, I eagerly awaited the Wrapped notification. Each year, Wrapped presents a unique Listening Personality, a feature that adds an extra layer of fun, making it enjoyable to share on social media and messenger apps.

The show is more than just songs. The overall listening stats cover genres and artists, allowing a comprehensive view of your musical tastes.

There’s a simple solution if you’ve missed the Wrapped notification or can’t find it on your Recently Played tab. To revisit your old Spotify Wrapped playlists, open your Spotify app and use the search bar.

Typing “Wrapped” includes a collection of yearly playlists, like “Your Top Songs 2021”. These playlists reflect not just the music you love but also the memories associated with them.

Remember, it’s crucial to ensure that the playlist is by Spotify to enjoy an authentic recap of your year in music. Each playlist is a musical journey, capturing the essence of your year through the songs that resonated most with you.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Ever wondered what Spotify Wrapped is? Launched in 2016 and often compared to Facebook’s Year in Review, it’s a vivid recap available between December 1 and December 31. Spotify tracks your listening habits, including genres, artists, albums, and songs from January through October.

This feature, accessible to anyone with a Spotify account, is not just for individuals. If you share your account with friends, relatives, or kids, their listening choices are included, too, making it a comprehensive family or friends’ musical review.

Spotify Wrapped
Spotify Wrapped

Wrapped goes beyond mere statistics. It captures the minutes you’ve spent listening and presents them in a catchy format, often shared in a meme style on social media. It’s not just about your most-listened tracks; Wrapped provides percentile rankings of the artists and songs you’ve listened to, complete with standard and recurrent features.

Each year, Spotify adds a unique feature to Wrapped. For example, in 2022, it introduced a Listening Personality based on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), using metrics such as Familiarity (F) vs. Exploration (E) and Loyalty (L) vs. Variety (V).

This feature categorizes users into unique types like the Replayer, Deep Diver, Early Adopter, or Adventurer, showcasing a blend of Timelessness (T), Newness (N), Commonality, and Uniqueness (U) in musical preferences.

When revisiting these nostalgic-wrapped playlists, the process is straightforward and sometimes even sprinkled with delightful Spotify Easter Eggs. As you look around the platform, these secret gems make it more fun and interesting.

Whether you’re reminiscing about the year-end tunes or curious how your taste evolved, these playlists offer a fun, introspective journey into your past year’s musical odyssey.

Including these Easter Eggs enhances the experience, making each interaction with Spotify Wrapped a trip down memory lane and an exciting treasure hunt for dedicated Spotify users.

How to View Your Older Spotify Wrapped Playlists

Delving into your musical past with Spotify is an excellent and easy experience, especially when revisiting your older playlists. The app might not have a dedicated page for this, but accessing your old songs is straightforward. Start by tapping the search bar in the app and enter “Your top songs of 2022”.

This search will lead you to a curated playlist reflecting your year in music. While other users might create playlists under the same name, ensure you select the official playlist by Spotify for an authentic trip down memory lane.

View Your Older Spotify Wrapped Playlists
View Your Older Spotify Wrapped Playlists

But what if you want to go back further than 2022? To explore your listening habits from 2017 Wrapped to 2021 Wrapped, a bit more navigation is required. First, you need to log in to Spotify, ideally on a desktop, for a smoother experience, though a mobile device works just as well.

Once logged in, it’s about finding and opening the specific links to each year’s Wrapped playlists. These playlists highlight your top songs and showcase the most popular songs and artists of each respective year.

These Wrapped playlists are more than a mere collection of songs. They offer insights into the music that shaped your year. Each playlist is a sonic diary, chronicling your tastes and preferences through its features. They are similar to a musical journey, offering personal favorites and a snapshot of the broader musical landscape.

It’s a great way to see the evolution of your music tastes and, by extension, a part of your personal story. You can seamlessly integrate these memories into your current listening experience using various apps or the Spotify website.

How to View Your Current Spotify Wrapped Playlist

When the period for the annual Spotify Wrapped releases is typically around December 1, accessing your current Wrapped playlist is a breeze. Upon opening the Spotify app, your homepage greets you with the vibrant Wrapped experience.

Current Spotify Wrapped Playlist
Current Spotify Wrapped Playlist

Here, you’ll find the playlist named “Your Top Songs 2022” (or the respective year), a compilation featuring all your most played songs over the year.

This collection includes every tune that caught your ear, regardless of whether a particular song or artist made it into your top five. It’s a personalized musical year in review, waiting at your fingertips.

How to see Spotify Wrapped 2022

To witness the musical story of your 2022, Spotify Wrapped is the go-to feature. It typically makes its grand entrance at the beginning of December and stays accessible until the end of the year or early January.

For Spotify Wrapped 2022, you’ll find “Your Top Songs” for the current year prominently displayed on your homepage during this period.

If you’ve missed the notification or can’t find it, don’t fret—there are other ways to unearth this playlist. It’s a delightful time capsule of your year in music, capturing the essence of your audio journey through 2022.

How to see Spotify Wrapped 2022 with the Search Feature

Exploring Spotify Wrapped 2022 can be a seamless experience using the search feature in the Spotify mobile app.

  1. Simply tap on the search icon.
  2. In the search bar, type “Wrapped” and then hit enter.
see Spotify Wrapped 2022
  • This action includes a curated playlist labeled “Your Top Songs 2022” with a distinctive “Made for You” tag.
Current Spotify Wrapped Playlist

Open this playlist to enjoy a personalized recap of your musical journey in 2022. The beauty of this method is its simplicity and the ability to repeat these steps on the desktop app as well, ensuring you can revisit not just the current year’s Wrapped but also your old Spotify Wrapped playlists with just a few clicks.

How to Save Your Spotify-Wrapped Playlists

The process to save your cherished Spotify Wrapped playlists for easy access is user-friendly and straightforward. Once you open the Wrapped playlist, whether from this year or previous ones found through links, simply tap the add button.

How to Save Your Spotify Wrapped Playlists
How to Save Your Spotify-Wrapped Playlists

This action seamlessly adds the playlist to your current library, ensuring it’s always within reach. For organizational ease, I recommend saving them in ascending order, from the oldest to the newest, maintaining a neat chronological order.

This method preserves your musical memories and makes it easy to share these curated playlists with your friends, turning your Spotify Wrapped into a social experience.

Can I turn off Spotify Wrapped?

Many Spotify users enjoy Wrapped as a fun way to share their music style and year in review, but it also raises a question: Can you turn off this feature? Despite some criticism over listening activity being recorded, there is no option to turn off Spotify Wrapped.

This has led to a segment of users asking Spotify to add such an option, especially those who prefer more privacy in their listening habits. However, the feature cannot be disabled.

It’s hoped that in the future, Spotify will offer more options to cater to the diverse preferences of its user base when it comes to Spotify Wrapped.

Check your listening Habits.

For those who enjoy vibing to new music and reflecting on past favorites, Spotify offers a unique way to check and track your listening habits. This isn’t limited to just old-wrapped playlists. It extends to all the music you’ve enjoyed throughout the year.

The app provides daily recommendations and weekly playlists, excellent tools for discovering new tunes. However, for a more detailed view, Spotify listeners can dive deeper. Opening the Spotify app and tapping on the clock icon in the upper-right corner unveils a page dedicated to your most recent listens.

Check your listening Habits

This section is a goldmine for those looking to follow and analyze their listening patterns more directly beyond the curated summaries. Moreover, this feature isn’t just about looking back; it’s about understanding your evolving musical tastes.

The stats provided here give you a glimpse into your listening preferences, complementing the yearly Wrapped story. It’s fascinating to see the journey your musical taste takes over the year, making each Wrapped reveal not just a recap but a story of your year in music.


Does Spotify Wrapped Include Podcasts?

A common question about Spotify Wrapped is whether it includes podcasts and music. The answer is yes; podcasts are a part of the entire listening time calculated by the app.

For avid podcast listeners, this is a delightful addition. If you’ve listened to a podcast for at least 60 seconds, Spotify notes it. This inclusion is reflected in your wrapped summary, where a dedicated slide will show your top podcasts and the time you spent listening to them.

This feature enriches the wrapped experience, offering a comprehensive view of your audio consumption and seamlessly blending music and podcasts. It truly reflects all the sounds that filled your year, making your Wrapped story even more personal and complete.

Can I See My Old Spotify Wrapped Stories?

Sadly, once the Wrapped time is done, usually by the end of December or January, you can’t look at your old Wrapped stories and cards. This temporary nature of Wrapped stories means they’re only available for a limited time each year, adding a sense of exclusivity and urgency to viewing them.

Can I Share My Wrapped Playlists With Friends?

Absolutely! Sharing your Wrapped playlists with friends is as easy as sharing any other playlist on Spotify. Just find the playlist you want to share, click on the Share option, and then pick how you want to share it through social media, a direct link, or even a collaborative playlist.

This way, you can spread musical joy with your friends in virtually no time. Whether reveling in shared favorites or discovering new tunes through each other’s Wrapped, this feature adds a communal dimension to your Spotify experience.

Can I Download My Wrapped Playlists For Offline Listening?

Yes, you certainly can! Once you’ve added your Wrapped playlist to your library, the option to download it for offline listening becomes available. This feature is perfect for when you’re not online but still crave the comfort of your favorite songs.

You essentially turn your device into a music treasure chest by downloading, and carrying your soundtrack wherever you go.

Whether on a long flight, in a remote location, or just conserving data, having your Wrapped playlist readily accessible on your device ensures your music is always with you.

How Can I Save My Wrapped Playlist to Save My Library?

Saving your Wrapped story for year-round enjoyment is a simple task. Look for the “Add to Your Library” option within your Wrapped overview. With a quick tap and voilà, your wrapped playlist is saved to your Spotify library.

This means you can listen to it whenever you wish, bringing back those sweet musical memories at any moment. It’s a great way to keep your yearly musical journey accessible for nostalgia trips or to rediscover songs that resonate with you throughout the year.


In conclusion, exploring your old Spotify Wrapped playlists offers a unique and nostalgic journey through your musical history. From the ease of accessing and sharing these playlists with friends to the ability to download them for offline enjoyment, Spotify Wrapped serves as a personal musical time capsule.

It reflects your evolving music tastes over the years and integrates podcasts, adding another dimension to your auditory experience.

While you can’t revisit the older Wrapped stories post-January, the features available make Spotify Wrapped a cherished annual tradition for users, preserving the soundtrack of each year in a vibrant, interactive format.

This insightful feature of Spotify enhances how we interact with and remember our favorite music and podcasts, making each Wrapped release a much-awaited event.

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