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Spotify Receiptify: How to Create a Spotify Receipt

In our digital music streaming world, audiophiles have a profound fascination with diving into insights into our personal preferences. As a lover of Spotify, I’ve eagerly shared my musical diary with others, finding joy in the ability to visualize and comprehend my auditory journey.

Each year, the excitement for Spotify Wrapped sends us wild as we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of our yearly musical journey. But it’s not just Wrapped that’s caught our attention.

Following the popularity of trends like Icebergify, Color Pallet, and Pie Chart from Spotify, there’s a new entrant captivating our social media feeds – Receiptify. This usage-based, viral phenomenon is the latest in a series of Spotify integrations, including the likes of Zodiac Affinity.

Receiptify, a website designed by Michelle Liu, turns your most listened-to tracks into eye-catching shopping receipts. Inspired by the Instagram accounts @albumreceipts and @yvesguardian, her idea brings a unique twist to how we view our tracklists. It’s a clever mock-up, putting album track lists in a receipt format.

As a Favourite Music Guru Spotify user, I marvel at the ingenious creation of Receiptify. It’s a platform to visualize auditory preferences and a way to share these personal insights with the world. It’s an eye-catching way to present our auditory journey – a trend that’s quickly gaining popularity.

This phenomenon uniquely blends our love for music with the joy of sharing on platforms like Instagram, turning our listened-to tracks into something more than just music – a piece of personal history.

Quick Answer:

To create your personal Spotify Receiptify masterpiece, visit the Receiptify site and sign into your Spotify account. This tool elegantly crafts a receipt that is uniquely aligned with your music tastes. After granting the necessary authorization for the tool to access your data, you’ll be able to generate a visual representation of your most beloved tracks.

Download this image of your musical journey and share it with ease on various social media platforms, showcasing your individual taste and experience in a stylish, receipt-like format.

What is Receiptify?

Receiptify is both a website and an app conceptualized by Michelle Lui. This innovative creation was inspired by the Instagram account @albumreceipts, which is known for converting popular album setlists into a receipt format.

Receiptify takes this concept a step further by allowing users to generate personalized receipts of their most listened-to songs from services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Last. Fm.

These receipts are not just for show; they enable you to download and compare your musical tastes with friends, offering a unique way to contrast and share your music experience.

How To Do Receiptify

To indulge in Receiptify, begin by taking a sneak peek at your streaming habits on Spotify. This personalized tool crafts receipts showcasing your top played tracks, a feature akin to Discover Quickly. It cleverly calculates the total playtime of these songs, neatly displayed in the total section of your receipt.

Whether you’re curious about what you’ve enjoyed in the last month, the past six months, or overall time, Receiptify offers this insight at a glance. It’s not just a one-time show; it’s a dynamic reflection of your evolving musical journey.

How to Make Receiptify of Spotify?

Receiptify is a third-party tool allowing free and premium Spotify users to transform their most-played tracks into an aesthetically pleasing receipt format.

This unique application leverages advanced algorithms via Spotify’s backend API to identify your top songs within your library. It’s reminiscent of the playful “How bad is your Spotify” feature but with a more creative twist.

Creating a receipt of your Spotify listening history is both fun and engaging. It’s a unique way to share your musical tastes with friends and followers across various social media platforms.

The process is straightforward, making it accessible whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer to the platform. This guide will walk you through the steps to utilize Receiptify’s sharing capabilities.

To get started, navigate to the Receiptify website. Once there, connect your Spotify account to allow the tool to access your listening data. The tool then transforms your listening habits into a visually appealing receipt, showcasing your most frequented tracks and artists. This receipt can be shared across your social media to display your unique musical journey.

Step 1: Access the Receiptify Website

Navigate to the Receiptify website either by using a search engine or by entering its URL directly into the address bar. Then, log in with your Spotify account to start the musical journey.

Step 2: Agree with the Terms & Conditions

Once logged in, review the terms and conditions. If comfortable with what’s outlined, express your agreement by pressing the “Agree” button.

Agree with the Terms & Conditions

Step 3: Select Preferences

In this API-integrated platform, you can generate receipts for your top 10 or 50 tracks, favorite artists, and genres. You also have the option to opt for searched albums. Choose whether to reflect the previous month, the past six months, or your all-time favorite tunes.

Select Preferences

Step 4: Obtain Your Receiptify Image

Click the “Download Image” button to obtain a distinct Spotify receipt of your playlist. This convenient process enables you to effortlessly download your most played songs to your device, ready to share with acquaintances.

Obtain Your Receiptify Image

How to Get Receiptify on Spotify

To experience Spotify’s Receiptify, an innovative feature that lets you curate playlists based on your listening habits, start by acknowledging it’s a reliable and safe platform. This API-integrated tool generates a unique receipt of your most played songs, favorite artists, and preferred genres.

It offers a snapshot of your musical taste, turning your Spotify usage into a visually appealing receipt-styled overview.

Receiptify generates an overview of your listened-to tracks and popular albums and provides data-driven insights into your musical journey. This personal scorecard allows for significant customization.

You can filter data based on different time frames – be it the last month, the previous six months, or your entire Spotify history. This flexibility lets you tailor your receipt to reflect your evolving musical preferences.

Moreover, Receiptify gives you the choice to focus on your top 10 or top 50 tracks. This feature is a fantastic way to rediscover your favorites and observe trends in your listening habits. It’s more than a tool; it’s a journey through your musical history, allowing you to curate and share a unique representation of your evolving relationship with music.


How to share your Spotify Recipet on Social Media

It is very easy to share your brand-new Spotify ticket on social media. Once you’ve crafted your receipt, simply click the blue ‘Download below the image of your receipt. This action saves the image directly to your device’s photo library.

After downloading, navigate to your preferred social media app – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or Threads. Upload the receipt from your photo library just like any other image. Making and sharing a unique piece of your artistic journey is easy because the sharing process is simple.

Is Spotify Receiptify Free?

Yes, Spotify Receiptify is free to use, although the website is ad-supported.

Is Spotify Receiptify Safe?

Receiptify is generally considered a secure platform. The process involves signing into your streaming service (like Spotify) and allowing Receiptify to gather listening data. The creators have assured users that the tool does not archive personal details, focusing solely on music analytics.

However, it’s important to remember that you’re letting a third party access your Spotify data. While this access is read-only (meaning they can’t manage your Spotify account), it is always wise to rescind permissions after using the tool for enhanced privacy.

Who Created Receiptify?

Receiptify, a third-party service, was created by Michelle Liu, an information systems student at Carnegie Mellon University.

Does Receiptify Work Only With Spotify?

Receiptify not only works with Spotify but also with Last. FM and Apple Music.

What Does AMT Mean on Receiptify?

Discovering Receiptify was like finding a new way to view my Spotify habits. This tool allows users to create a receipt showcasing their music choices. Yet, the AMT column in Receiptify caught my eye. It’s not just a label; AMT actually stands for ‘Amount.’

This is crucial in understanding the context of our music engagement. AMT quantifies the duration your favorite tracks have kept you company. It displays the total minutes spent browsing songs, offering a snapshot of time invested in each track.

Whether you’re exploring the ‘Top Tracks’ or ‘Top Artists’ section, AMT reveals the number of times you’ve listened to an artist, turning abstract listening into data.


This tool is more than just a reflection of what we listen to; it’s a snapshot of our personal history, a testament to our evolving musical preferences, and a creative way to connect with others over our shared love of music.

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