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5 Best Free DJ Apps that Work with Spotify

For those eager to listen to music with an added flavor, the realm of DJ apps integrating with Spotify unfolds a world of possibilities. These apps sync perfectly with your chosen music streaming provider, allowing you to alter your favorite songs creatively.

Whether you’re a budding DJ ready to shake up the scene or just someone looking to experiment, these programs are equipped with the tools to let your inner DJ thrive. With features like crossfading, beat matching, and 3d effects, you’re set for real-time mixing, enabling you to create sets that stand out as truly unique.

With Spotify’s built-in DJ tools, there’s no need to settle for a boring playlist. Considering the Playback Restricted On Spotify aspect is essential, which can influence your DJing experience.

This restriction implies that while these apps offer a range of functionalities, you might encounter some inaccessible tracks or features. Despite these limitations, the fusion of these apps with Spotify’s extensive library provides a transformative experience for both music lovers and DJs, ensuring that each playlist is anything but ordinary.

Quick Solution

After researching all of the DJ applications that are compatible with Spotify, I have produced a list of the top ones that have worked for me.

Their performance over the past years has been remarkable, with Virtual DJ, Serato DJ Pro, and Cross DJ standing out. These apps have consistently delivered quality and reliability, making them top choices for Spotify users.

5 Free DJ Apps That Work with Spotify

In digital music, Spotify has an extensive music catalog, offering a vast playground for DJ enthusiasts. Several applications harmoniously blend with Spotify when creating unique DJ sets, enhancing the DJing experience.

These apps come loaded with features like beat matching, crossfading, and real-time mixing, making finding a DJ app that resonates with your style and skill level more accessible. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these free DJ apps working with Spotify will elevate your musical journey.

1: Virtual DJ For Spotify

Virtual DJ is a versatile tool for those with a Spotify Premium subscription, offering a seamless integration with the Spotify library. With just an internet connection, you can connect your Spotify account to Virtual DJ, granting you full access to an expansive array of songs.

Integrating with Spotify allows you to do complex searches without exiting the app, combining songs from your personal library and Spotify. The result? A perfectly curated single playlist that combines your favorite songs into a unique auditory experience.

Features of Virtual DJ For Spotify

Virtual DJ offers professional-level mixing and control options, elevating it to a favorite among DJ software. One of its standout features is the beat-matching algorithm that automatically synchronizes the beats of tracks, ensuring a seamless mix every time.

This program also excels in key detection, allowing DJs to harmonize different tracks by tuning them to the same key, a feature handy for crafting cohesive sets.

Compatibility is another strong suit of Virtual DJ. DJs may use their own gear to control the program because it works with so many different mixers and DJ controllers.

This integration provides a natural and satisfying performing experience, especially for those who prefer the tactile feel of physical controllers over software-only setups. Additionally, Virtual DJ enables users to record and share their mixes, adding a social dimension to the DJing experience.

Integrating Virtual DJ with Spotify’s library offers immense benefits, especially regarding playback and access to specific tracks. This feature enhances the capability to mix songs from Spotify, expanding the creative possibilities for DJs.

While its Spotify integration may not be as robust as some other DJ programs, offering fewer advanced features, it still stands as a powerful tool for DJs leveraging Spotify’s extensive music collection.

2: Serato DJ Pro For Spotify

Serato DJ Pro is a professional DJ software that integrates seamlessly with Spotify, providing DJs instant access to a service catalog brimming with millions of songs. This integration empowers DJs to mix diverse tracks, leveraging Spotify’s vast library.

To enable this feature, you need a Spotify Premium membership and access to the internet. Once you’ve signed in with your Spotify credentials, you gain access to Spotify’s entire library, a treasure trove for DJs seeking versatility in their mixes.

Serato DJ Pro For Spotify

The true prowess of Serato DJ Pro lies in its ability to combine tracks from your personal collection with those from Spotify, enabling the creation of a single, cohesive playlist.

This blending of personal favorites with Spotify’s extensive offerings allows for a uniquely personalized mixing experience, making Serato DJ Pro a go-to choice for DJs who wish to infuse their personal touch into their sets.

Features of Serato DJ Pro For Spotify

A wide variety of advanced tools are at your fingertips in Serato DJ Pro, allowing you to fine-tune your mix and enhance it with effects. The heart of this software lies in its beat-matching algorithm, a powerful tool that automatically synchronizes the beats of numerous tracks, ensuring a seamless mix.

Moreover, the program excels in key detection and is adept at harmonizing different tracks by tuning them to the same key, which is vital for creating a cohesive sound experience.

The array of effects at your disposal in Serato DJ Pro, such as Reverb, delay, and distortion, allows DJs to put their own stamp on their mixes. This personalization makes each set unique and reflective of the DJ’s style.

Furthermore, the compatibility of Serato DJ Pro with various DJ controllers and mixers enhances the operating experience, making it feel more natural and satisfying. This aspect is particularly crucial for DJs who value the tactile response of hardware devices during a performing experience.

The app’s capacity to examine and arrange your music collection is another noteworthy feature; this makes track choosing and mixing much more accessible. This functionality saves time and allows for more creative and effective set preparations.

Plus, the ability to record and share your mixes directly from the app adds a social dimension to your DJing, enabling you to connect with audiences and fellow DJs alike.

3: Cross DJ For Spotify

Cross DJ for Spotify revolutionizes the way DJs mix and play music. Whether on a computer or a mobile device, this DJ program stands out for its seamless compatibility with Spotify. Envision being able to listen to Spotify’s extensive music library—covering millions of songs—without ever launching a separate app.

To use this integration, you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription. Once signed in, the interface of Cross DJ transforms into a portal, allowing you to explore and search through Spotify’s extensive library.

What sets Cross DJ apart is its ability to combine songs from your own music library with those from Spotify, crafting a unique set that blends theirs and yours.

This feature broadens the musical palette and personalizes each DJ session, making Cross DJ a go-to for DJs who enjoy the freedom of mixing across various sources and genres.

Features of Cross DJ For Spotify

Cross DJ stands out in the world of DJ software, especially for its capabilities in live mix manipulation. DJs can easily change the tempo of music using the pitch slider and switch between songs with a smooth crossfade.

This program offers advanced key detection, enabling DJs to harmonize different tracks by tuning them to the same key. Such features are vital for creating a cohesive sound experience in live and studio settings.

The array of effects built into Cross DJ, like Reverb, flanger, and Delay, allows DJs to imprint their stamp on their mixes. Cross DJ provides the tools to create, record, and share these mixes, whether for live performances or studio recordings.

This functionality broadens the reach of a DJ’s creativity, allowing them to share their unique sound with a broader audience.

4: Djay Pro AI For Spotify

Djay Pro AI redefines DJ software with its fusion of artificial intelligence, enabling professional-quality mixes and transitions. Seamlessly integrating with Spotify offers access to an extensive catalog of songs.

Upon signing in with your Spotify credentials, you get full access to Spotify’s library, all from inside the program. This integration allows DJs to combine tracks from their personal music collection with Spotify’s offerings, creating a dynamic playlist that reflects a blend of personal taste and vast musical choices.

Features of Djay Pro AI For Spotify

Djay Pro AI stands out with its cutting-edge tools, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to modify music tracks’ tempo, beat, and key. This capability ensures smooth transitions between songs, resulting in more harmonious mixes.

The range of effects available in Djay Pro AI, like filters, reverbs, and delays, adds depth and character to your sets, allowing DJs to personalize their sound truly.

The software’s interface is designed not just for playing but also for curating music. It examines your music library and makes AI-powered song recommendations based on your listening history and preferences.

Additionally, Djay Pro AI’s compatibility with various DJ controllers and mixers allows for a more tactile operating experience using hardware. This feature and the ability to record and share your creations make Djay Pro AI a versatile tool for casual and professional DJs.

5: Spotify PaceMaker DJ

Regardless of your level of experience, you can utilize Pacemaker, a cutting-edge DJ program for mobile devices, to build and share your unique mixes. All the necessary mixing tools and settings are conveniently located in its intuitive and well-organized user interface.

This accessibility makes Pacemaker a go-to app for both novice and seasoned DJs looking to explore and express their musical creativity on the go.

Pacemaker DJ App Features

Thanks to its seamless integration with major streaming services like Spotify, the Pacemaker DJ App has become famous for its large music catalog. Thanks to this connection, Pacemaker has become a versatile tool for DJs, giving them access to millions of music from different genres.

Its AI-powered automatic mixing capabilities are a boon, especially for novice DJs, as it can beat-match and mix tracks effortlessly, providing a solid starting point for those new to DJing.

Simultaneously, it’s equally valid for experienced DJs, offering manual controls for tempo adjustment, looping, and adding audio effects, thus allowing for fine-tuning of the sound and creating unique mixes that reflect the DJ’s style.

The users of Pacemaker also develop a strong feeling of camaraderie. As an integrated sharing system and collaboration tool, DJs can easily share their mixes on social media, email them to friends, or even remix one other’s music.

This aspect enhances the social experience of mixing and encourages creativity and sharing within the DJ community.

Some Spotify Dj Apps For Android

As a dedicated user of Spotify for years, I’ve explored various DJ apps that integrate seamlessly with Spotify on my Android device. These third-party DJ apps allow you to mix and perform with tracks from your Spotify library and enhance your listening experience by adjusting the equalizer settings to your liking.

One such app is Cross Dj, known for optimizing the audio output on mobile devices and PCs. Its user-friendly interface and advanced EQ settings enable personalized and immersive sound experiences.

Another notable mention is Dj Pro AI by Algoriddim Djay, which stands out for its sophisticated AI-driven features, allowing for a more fine-tuning approach to mixing tracks.

Edjing Mix and Traktor DJ are top contenders for the best DJ apps with Spotify. They provide a proper platform for DJs to showcase their skills all the time, regardless of the device they are using.

Lastly, the versatility of these apps, particularly in utilizing Spotify’s vast music library, significantly enhances the user experience, making them ideal for amateur and professional DJs.

These apps have revolutionized how we perform and enjoy music, from adjusting the equalizer settings to easily mixing tracks. Their ability to integrate with Spotify makes them indispensable tools for any music enthusiast.


Is there a free DJ app that works with Spotify?

Mixonset AI, an easy-to-use DJ app, works with Spotify, SoundCloud Free, Apple Music, and TIDAL, offering a seamless way to start your party wherever you go.

Is Spotify DJ on Android?

To access Spotify’s music library on the go, open the app on your iOS or Android smartphone and go to the Home screen. The DJ card makes it easy to play music; all you have to do is tap Play.

Will Spotify DJ be Free?

Take note: you must be signed up for a Spotify Premium account to use the DJ feature. Currently, DJ is unavailable on the free plan but works seamlessly on desktop and web apps. Just load up Spotify on Android or iOS to get started.


In conclusion, the landscape of free DJ apps compatible with Spotify offers music lovers an exciting array of options. From the professional-level mixing capabilities of Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Pro to the innovative AI features of Djay Pro AI and the user-friendly interfaces of Cross DJ and Pacemaker DJ, these applications cater to a wide range of users and preferences.

Each app brings unique strengths, whether it’s seamless Spotify integration, advanced mixing tools, or AI-enhanced features, ensuring that every user, regardless of their DJing expertise, can enjoy an enhanced musical experience.

This variety enriches the DJing scene and makes it more accessible and enjoyable for those who love to mix and experiment with music.

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