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Why Am I Getting Ads On Spotify Premium?

As a Spotify Premium subscriber, I expect an uninterrupted listening experience without the annoyance of ads, a core promise of Spotify’s ad-free subscription service. However, I, like many others, have faced the puzzling situation of encountering ads on my account, a scenario that seems to go against the essence of Spotify Premium.

This article aims to explore and justify why some accounts might still experience ads, even when they are part of the supposedly ad-free tier.

Navigating the complexities of Spotify, often referred to by users as their Favourite Music Guru, reveals that understanding the service’s backend is crucial. Intricate details dictate how and why ads might appear, even on a premium account.

For instance, an issue like Playback Restricted On Spotify can impact the user experience, leading to unexpected ads.

The promise of no ads is a key selling point for Spotify’s premium offering, and any deviation from this expectation deserves a thorough investigation.

By examining these specifics, the article ensures that users can fully understand the situation and enjoy the uninterrupted, ad-free experience they expect from Spotify Premium, their favorite music guru.

Quick Answer

While Spotify Premium typically eliminates traditional ads, it’s important to note that podcasts may still feature sponsorships and promotional content. These are ways for creators to generate revenue. Such advertisements are embedded within the podcast itself and, unfortunately, cannot be removed by Spotify.

Why am I Getting Ads on Spotify Premium Podcasts?

When enjoying podcasts on Spotify, you might encounter promotional content that resembles typical ads. It’s intriguing, especially as a Premium subscriber, to find oneself unexpectedly exposed to such advertisements.

These are not your standard interruptions; they are often specific to Spotify’s offerings. Although different from regular ad experiences, this scenario reflects the nuanced way Spotify integrates promotions within its content, even for Premium subscribers.

Reasons Why Am I Still Getting Ads On Spotify Premium?

Discovering ads during your music streaming sessions on Spotify Premium can be baffling. Several factors could be at play here. One common issue is a lapsed Premium subscription. It’s surprisingly easy to overlook a renewal, especially if a family member has been inadvertently removed from the plan.

To unravel this mystery, I’ve compiled an extensive list of possible issues to provide deeper insight into the potential reasons for encountering ads.

spotify ads

This comprehensive guide is designed to help understand and address the various factors contributing to ads appearing on your account. It might be something as simple as a billing hiccup or a technical glitch.

Whatever the case, getting to the root of the issue is crucial for restoring that seamless Spotify experience we all cherish.

Your Account Issues

In some cases, Spotify Premium users find unexpected ads intruding on their listening experience. Often, this is linked to an account issue. The most straightforward step to resolve this is to check your account settings.

Make sure that your subscription is still active and up-to-date. It’s a common oversight but easily rectified. Keeping your account details current is crucial to maintaining that ad-free Spotify atmosphere.

Your Device Syncing Problems

Have you ever been logged in to your Spotify account on multiple devices and noticed ads playing on one device despite having a Premium subscription? This puzzling situation often stems from device syncing issues. If a device is not properly synced with your account, it can mistakenly behave as if it’s not part of the premium plan.

Fixing it is normally simple. Simply log out of your Spotify account on all your devices and then log back in. This action often helps sync your devices properly, ensuring that your premium privileges are recognized across all your gadgets, thus eliminating those pesky ads.

You Have logged into the Wrong Account.

Have you ever thought that maybe you’re logged in to the wrong account on Spotify? Especially when using multiple devices, it’s easy to overlook which account you’re currently using.

If you’re seeing ads while expecting to listen to music ad-free, it might be because you are using an account that doesn’t have Premium. A quick visit to your account page to double-check your membership status can clarify this confusion.

Often, we register for a Spotify account using various methods, including Facebook credentials, leading to different accounts under the same email address. This can create a mix-up, causing you to access a non-premium account inadvertently. To remedy this, log out and then log back in with the correct account details.

If you still face difficulties, Spotify provides a helpful article to verify that you’re using the right account. And if you discover multiple accounts in the system under the same email, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service team. They offer assistance through an online contact form and can track down and help change your login to the correct account.

Your Premium Membership has Expired.

Sometimes, the reason you feel like you’re getting ads on Spotify Premium might be straightforward: your Premium membership could have expired. It’s not uncommon to reach the end of your billing cycle and not have it renewed.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, many people forget to renew their Premium membership. A simple check on your account page under Your Plan will show the status of your plan and payments.

If you’re associated with a partner plan, any changes must be made with them. Remember, if you cancel your subscription, you can continue to use Spotify Premium only until the end of your current billing cycle, which is typically one month.

After this period, your account is automatically downgraded to the free version. Consequently, you’ll lose access to Premium features and start getting served ads between several songs.

It’s essential to keep track of your subscription details to avoid these situations. Regularly checking and updating your account ensures you continue to enjoy Spotify Premium‘s ad-free experience.

Spotify Premium Ad Script

The Spotify Premium Ad Script is a unique term referring to a specific type of ad used by Spotify to promote its Premium service. Unlike regular ads that interrupt your listening experience, these are short promotional messages designed to encourage users to upgrade to Premium.

They’re crafted to blend seamlessly into your listening, subtly suggesting the benefits of a Premium subscription without the typical disruption of regular advertisements.

Server Glitches and Technical Issues

Occasionally, server glitches or temporary technical issues on Spotify’s end can cause ads to appear on Premium accounts. In such cases, users are advised to be patient and wait for the Spotify team to resolve the issue. This is a rare but possible scenario where system anomalies temporarily disrupt the usual ad-free experience.

Ad-Blockers and Spotify

Using ad-blockers while on Spotify can sometimes cause issues. They may lead to the unexpected appearance of ads on Premium accounts or even interruptions in playback. If you’re using an ad-blocker, it’s wise to consider disabling it to avoid potential conflicts with Spotify’s streaming functionality.

Regional Advertising Regulations

In some regions, different advertising regulations may impact the presence of ads on Spotify Premium. It’s important to check your local guidelines to determine if they apply to your account, as regional policies can sometimes influence ad displays on streaming platforms.

How to Stop Ads on Spotify Premium 2023?

To minimize disruptions from ads in Spotify podcasts, even for Premium users, there are a few useful strategies.

Firstly, understanding that these ads support content creators is essential. For listeners interested in a more seamless podcast experience on Spotify, one effective method is to curate playlists focusing on podcasts with minimal or no ads.

This proactive approach allows for an uninterrupted listening session, aligning with the ad-free expectation of Spotify Premium.

Fast Forward:

A simple method for bypassing Spotify podcast ads is to use the fast-forward feature. This allows you to manually skip ahead in the podcast, effectively bypassing ads and returning you directly to the content that matters. It’s a practical solution for those looking to enjoy their favorite podcasts without interruptions.

Skip Ads Button:

For podcasts on Spotify, a particularly convenient feature is the “Skip Ads” button. It allows listeners to bypass advertisements with a single tap quickly and efficiently. When you encounter an ad in a podcast, keep an eye out for this handy option – it’s a swift way to return to your uninterrupted listening experience.

Download & Listen Offline:

An effective way to enjoy an uninterrupted podcast experience on Spotify is by downloading episodes for offline listening. This allows you to listen without an internet connection, preload your favorite podcast content, and avoid ads. It’s a smart solution for those who want to enjoy their podcasts seamlessly, anywhere, anytime.

Creating Ad-Free Podcasts Playlist:

An excellent solution for those seeking an uninterrupted listening experience on Spotify is to seek out and curate a playlist of podcasts with minimal ads or those that are entirely ad-free. While this option may limit your selection of podcasts, it guarantees a smoother, ad-free listening journey.


Why do Podcasts on Spotify Have Ads?

Podcasts on Spotify have ads as they allow creators to earn revenue and cover production costs. While the Premium subscription removes ads from most content, podcasts are an exception.

How to Skip Ads on Spotify Podcasts?

You cannot skip ads on Spotify podcasts as they are an integral part of the content provided by podcast creators. However, a Spotify Premium subscription allows you to enjoy ad-free listening for other content on the platform.

I am a Premium User on Spotify, But I am Still Getting ads on Spotify.

If you’re a Premium user on Spotify but are still getting ads, try logging out and then logging back in. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, contacting Spotify customer support for assistance is the next best step.


In conclusion, encountering ads on Spotify Premium can stem from various factors, ranging from technical issues like device syncing problems or being logged into the wrong account to more systemic issues like subscription lapses or regional advertising regulations.

While Spotify Premium typically offers an ad-free experience, certain content, such as podcasts, may still include ads due to their unique revenue models. Understanding these nuances and utilizing features like the “Skip Ads” button, downloading for offline listening, or curating ad-free podcast playlists can enhance your listening experience.

Should these strategies not suffice, reaching out to Spotify’s customer support is a reliable avenue for resolving any persistent ad-related concerns.

This comprehensive exploration underlines the importance of staying informed about your account status and the specific workings of Spotify’s services to fully enjoy its Premium benefits.

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