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How to See Your Spotify Obscurity Rating

In the incredible world of music streaming, where obstruction is a foreign concept, Spotify stands out as a gem for Die-hard music fans. You can play and listen to your best songs on Spotify whenever you want, from anywhere (including offline). It has a huge range of styles and songs, which makes it an important part of our daily lives.

In order to take your music listening experience to the next level, Spotify has integrated with a number of applications and programs. One such app is Spotify Obscure, a third-party app developed using Spotify’s web API. Using features like Spotify’s Color Palette, Zodiac Affinity, and Spotify Iceberg, as well as your listening history, this software uses an intriguing algorithm to determine your musical preferences.

It then analyzes your music taste, makes playlists, and gives a rating in percentage of how frequently you enjoyed certain songs, ultimately sending them to your library. This unique approach to analyzing a user’s music taste and providing a rating on the obscure scale sets Spotify Obscure apart. It provides a tailored musical experience by poring over your whole listening history.

Whether you’re into mainstream hits or the most obscure tracks, Spotify Obscure’s algorithm is ready to reveal just how varied your musical preferences are, pushing your listening experience to new heights.

What is Obscurify Music?

Obscurify Music stands out as a valuable and prominent third-party tool for those enthusiastic music lovers whose playlists span a diverse range of genres and specific types of tunes. It’s designed not just for jamming to your favorite tracks but also for discussing and discovering your music preferences in a more interesting format.

Obscurity Music takes music recommendations to the next level by integrating with Spotify to sift through your listening habits, categorize you according to genre, and suggest songs that you’re more likely to enjoy.

Through its unique algorithm that searches your music history, it ranks your preferences based on mood, energy, and sadness, thereby updating your playlist and giving you a rating on how obscure your music taste is compared to the average listener.

This algorithm is similar in concept to Spotify Discover and Spotify Receiptify, which also analyzes your Spotify library and history but with a focus on integrating with the Spotify API to bring a tailored music experience directly to you.

This service not only analyzes and classifies your listening habits but also offers a snapshot of your musical identity by judging the Obscurity of your music taste. Whether your stuff for jamming leans more towards well-known hits or the underground scene, Obscurity Music provides an analyzing framework that makes playlists, gives ratings, and updates your musical journey to reflect a broader music taste.

It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to explore beyond the mainstream and delve into a world where their music taste is as unique as they are.

What is Spotify Obscurity Rating?

The Spotify Obscurity Rating is a unique metric designed for the enthusiastic music lover whose playlist reflects a diverse music genre spectrum. Unlike conventional music apps that merely analyze your music taste in a generic manner, this rating delves deep into your listening history, providing an interesting format to understand your music preferences.

By analyzing the songs and genres you frequent, Obscurify, a prominent and valuable third-party tool, collaborates with Spotify to classify your music taste. It searches your history, ranks your choices based on mood, energy, and sadness, and updates your playlist to reflect these insights.

Obscurify Music not only derives a percentage that reveals how often you listen to specific songs across different time frames compared to other users, but it also offers a rating on how obscure your music taste is.

This obscure rating is freely accessible and operates on API keys, allowing you to connect your Spotify account with the app to start the analysis of your music data. It’s a free service that sorts through your music history, showing how your preferences stand out or align with the average Spotify user.

Beyond the core rating, Obscurity Music extends its service to recommend songs and playlists, enhancing your music listening experience based on your unique taste and preferences. Platforms like Spotify Discover and Spotify Receiptify also integrate with the Spotify API to offer similar analyses, but Obscurity stands out by providing broader insights into your musical identity, including your top genres and artists.

This approach not only analyzes but also transforms your music taste into something you can visually appreciate and explore further, making it as unique as your personal jamming stuff.

How To Find Your Spotify Obscurity Rating

Discovering your Spotify Obscure Rating is straightforward and can greatly enhance your understanding of your music taste.

Spotify Obscurity
  • When prompted, click the black “Login” button to link your Spotify account.
Spotify Obscurity Login
  • Agree to the terms by pressing the green “Agree” button.
Spotify Obscurity Terms Click on Agree
  • Discover your Obscure Rating and gain insights into your music taste.
Discover Spotify Obscurity Rating

How Exactly Does Obscurify Music Work?

Obscurify Music operates as a free service that meticulously measures the uniqueness of your music taste through your Spotify account. By connecting your account, Obscurify Music starts to analyze your musical taste, examining your most listened songs and artists.

Spotify Obscurity Rating

A percentage is generated from this study, which shows how out of the ordinary your Spotify music tastes are in comparison to the average user. Those who listen to music by lesser-known artists are more likely to have obscure tastes, as indicated by their higher percentile scores.

The data reveals insightful aspects about your Spotify account, offering a deep dive into the distinctiveness of your musical preferences.

Your Favorite Genres

Your Favorite Genres

Obscurity gives you comprehensive data on your favorite ten musical genres and a percentage that illustrates how your taste in music compares to others. By clicking on any of the visible genres, you can see further data that reflects your top three artists within each genre. It’s a neat way to see more info about your top artists and deepen your understanding of your musical preferences.

Your Most Obscure

Your Most Obscure

Discover artists and songs that are most responsible for enhancing your Spotify Obscurity Rating. This section is similar to Spotify Wrapped, showcasing your top 5 in each area and offering a glimpse into what makes your music taste uniquely yours.

Top Artists and Songs Right Now

Top Artists and Songs Right Now

Learn more about your taste in music by perusing your most popular songs and performers, both now and in the past. Compared to Spotify’s yearly Wrapped feature, this one displays up to fifty of your most-listened-to songs and artists, making it one of my favorite parts. Making Spotify playlists for your most-listened-to music right now or all the time is as easy as clicking a button. It’s really simple to listen to your favorite songs again or find new ones.

Your Feelings

Your Feelings

Both Spotify and Obscurify analyze your music based on factors like how upbeat, energetic, and danceable it is, and users can see the overall trends. While I must be honest and admit I’m not sure this section is entirely accurate, it provides a fascinating glimpse into how your musical choices might reflect your moods or even influence them.

Within The Decades

Within The Decades

The part where you can view a pie chart showing your music listening habits by time period using Spotify data created by Obscurity is my favorite part. It was surprising to see the close split between 2020 and 2010 music, illustrating how our musical tastes span across recent decades.



Lastly, a collection of recommended tracks is generated based on your music taste, showcasing songs that range from well-known industry artists to more niche underground music. This selection is tailored from your previous Obscurify results, ensuring that the recommendations you receive are a direct reflection of your unique listening habits.


Does Obscurity Supports Apple Music?

No, Obscurity requires Apple music-supporting apps like Songshift.

Is Obscurify Spotify safe?

A trusted third-party app, Obscurity Music is compatible with Spotify accounts. You can simply remove access once you have generated your results if you have any concerns.

What does Obscurity mean on Spotify?

On Spotify, a high Obscurity rating indicates that your music taste is more unique than most, showcasing a preference for lesser-known tracks. Conversely, a low rating can mean your taste tends to be more popular or relateable, aligning closely with mainstream choices.

How do I see my Spotify Obscurity rating?

People often talk about their “Spotify Obscurity rating,” which is a percentage that is determined by the music you listen to. A higher percentage means you listen to more obscure artists.


Exploring your Spotify Obscurity Rating offers a unique lens through which to view your musical journey, shedding light on the depth and breadth of your music taste compared to the wider Spotify audience.

By diving into the specifics of how Obscurity Music works, understanding the significance of your rating, and navigating the practical steps to discover it, you gain insights not just into your preferences but also into the diverse world of music at your fingertips.

This process not only enriches your listening experience by highlighting your favorite genres, artists, and moods but also encourages a deeper connection with your music library by uncovering the nuances of your musical identity. Ultimately, delving into your Spotify Obscurity Rating is about celebrating the uniqueness of your musical taste and perhaps even discovering new dimensions of your musical self.

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