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How to Find Your Spotify Pie Chart? | See your Top Artist & Stats

In today’s era of digital music streaming, the intersection of art and data has significantly influenced how we interact with music. A notable illustration of this convergence is Spotify Pie, created by Darren Huang from the University of California. This third-party application offers a vibrant, pie-chart representation of users’ musical tastes, accessible for free.

It’s akin to the Spotify iceberg, but loaded with even more intriguing features. Spotify Pie has collaborated with Git Hub, ensuring robust security features for the protection of code and sensitive information across various repositories and organizations.

Spotify Pie cleverly crafts a colorful Spotify pie chart, revealing the genres that resonate most with you each month. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a window into your personal musical world, offering a dynamic and interactive experience. This app isn’t just about statistics; it’s about uncovering the heart of your musical world.

Each slice of your Spotify Pie represents a different genre, a vibrant reflection of your unique tastes. It’s almost magical, how a simple chart can tell such a compelling story about our listening habits, becoming a part of our personal narrative in the streaming era.

What is a Spotify Pie Chart?

Forget about the days of static charts and endless spreadsheets; the Spotify Pie Chart ushers in a more vibrant and interactive experience. This isn’t just a graph; it’s a captivating pie chart where each colorful slice represents a different genre that has captivated your ears.

As you hover over a slice, it reveals the top artists who reign supreme in that particular genre. It’s not just a chart; it’s a visual journey that unveils your musical DNA, showcasing a unique blend of sounds that truly resonate with you. It’s a dynamic way to explore and appreciate the diversity of your music preferences.

How to Make Spotify Pie Chart?

Embarking on the journey to create your own Spotify pie chart offers a unique glimpse into your musical preferences each month. Follow this easy guide to craft your personalized audio visual treat, compatible with any device including iPhone, Android, PC, or MacOS.

Step 1: Visit Huang’s Website Begin your adventure by navigating to Darren Huang’s website. This digital portal is the key to unlocking the splendor of your musical tastes, offering a creative and insightful exploration.

Go on spotify pie chat web

Step 2: Explore Your Monthly Genre Pie Dive into the melody-rich world by logging in with your Spotify account. Here, you’ll uncover your monthly genre mix in a visually appealing format.

Login with your Spotify Account

Step 3: Allow Access for Deeper Insights Advance your journey by granting the website permission to analyze your listening history. This step is crucial in blending data and art to map out your musical landscape.

Grant Permission to Music Pie Chart

Step 4: Witness Your Musical Art Take Shape Watch in awe as your bespoke pie chart swiftly comes to life, artfully presenting your top genres and beloved artists of the month in an eye-catching display.

your spotify pie chart
your spotify pie chart

How Does Spotify Pie Work?

Spotify Pie functions like a personalized musical kaleidoscope, turning your listening habits into an innovative feature. It delves into the artists and music genres you favor, utilizing methods similar to Spotify’s Zodiac Affinity and Judge My Spotify.

The app collects data through Spotify’s API, weaving this information into a delightful picture.

  • Picture a splendidly segmented pie, where every vivid slice corresponds to a distinct music genre that captivated you in a specific month. This visually striking approach elegantly displays the evolution of your musical preferences over time.
  • The size of each slice in your Spotify Pie changes depending on how frequently you’ve listened to each genre, with every genre boasting its unique color. Clicking on a genre slice within the chart lets you delve into the artists linked with it.
  • Beneath the graph, you’ll find a list of your favorite artists, with those you prefer most displayed in a bold and larger font, while the names of other artists are shown in a smaller font size, illustrating your musical affinities.
  • Alongside Spotify Pie, there are several other remarkable third-party platforms that delve into your Spotify statistics. For example, you can create playlists that mimic a culinary receipt using the Spotify Receiptify website.
  • Alternatively, you can experience the visual charm of your playlists, enriched with vivid color schemes, by visiting the Spotify Color Palette platform. There’s even the option to transform your playlists into scenic landscapes through the unique interface provided by the Spotify Landscape site, offering diverse ways to visualize your music listening habits.
  • For music enthusiasts keen on gaining more profound insights into their listening habits and discovering their top artists, Favorite Music Guru serves as a personal music analyst.

Alongside this, platforms like Spotify Instafest invite you to blend your music tastes with the dynamic ambiance of a festival, providing an immersive experience reminiscent of attending a live music festival. These tools offer unique and engaging ways to interact with and celebrate your musical preferences.

Is Spotify Pie Chart Safe to Use?

When it comes to the safety of Spotify Pie, it primarily accesses your Spotify stats, such as listening habits, playlists, and time spent listening to different songs, ensuring that your personal information and essential credentials like your name and address remain untouched.

The hosting platform, GitHub, ensures strong security for the code and confidential user information. As a third-party application, Spotify Pie concentrates on analyzing your music listening history and converting it into an attractive color pattern.

It does this while maintaining a respectful distance from critical or sensitive personal details, ensuring a focus on musical preferences without compromising user privacy. This approach maintains user privacy while offering a creative and personalized music analysis experience.


Does Spotify Pie Chart Support Apple Music?

It’s true that the Pie Chart feature, similar to Spotify Pie, isn’t available for Apple Music users, which can be disappointing for those who use Apple Music and are eager to participate in the popular Spotify Pie chart trend.

This limitation means Apple Music listeners miss out on this specific way of visually representing their music tastes. However, an alternative approach, although not as straightforward as the method used by Spotify users, is available through the platform

This platform provides detailed statistics and charts for visualizing your music streaming interests. It enables a connection to Apple Music, granting access to the necessary metrics and statistics.

This allows Apple Music users to gain insights into their listening habits through various visual representations and analyses. This allows Apple Music users to generate their own pie chart based on collected data and share it with their social circle.

Is Spotify Pie Chart Available For PC?

Yes, you can create your Spotify pie chart on your PC, ensuring easy and seamless accessibility. This feature is designed to be user-friendly and can be accessed conveniently from your computer.

Is Spotify Pie Chart Monthly?

Spotify Pie is a complimentary web application that generates a pie chart showcasing your most frequently listened-to music genres. This distinctive tool gives you the opportunity to “bake” a new Spotify Pie each month, offering a more frequent and dynamic insight into your listening habits.

Unlike waiting for the annual Spotify Wrapped summary in December, you can enjoy creating a fresh pie chart at any point throughout the year, keeping a regular track of how your musical tastes evolve. Share your musical journey with friends on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, showcasing the evolving soundtrack of your life.


In conclusion, discovering your Spotify Pie Chart offers a vibrant, engaging way to visualize your musical journey. Whether you’re a user of Spotify or other platforms like Apple Music, tools like Spotify Pie and provide insightful, colorful representations of your listening habits.

These tools, safe and accessible on various devices, enable you to delve into your musical preferences monthly, creating a personal music kaleidoscope. Sharing these insights with friends on social media adds to the joy, offering a unique way to connect and compare musical tastes.

The Spotify Pie Chart transcends being just a tool; it’s a reflection of your musical DNA, an artistic expression of the sounds that define and inspire you.

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