How to Disable Shuffle on Spotify Free & Premium

How to Disable Shuffle on Spotify Free & Premium 2024

Shuffle off to Disable shuffle on Spotify will help make your music-listening experience more consistent and enjoyable. No matter if your device is a mobile application as well as a desktop or a web player, we’ll show you how you can accomplish it. We’ll also look into whether it’s possible to turn off shuffle even without a Premium subscription and address the most frequently asked questions regarding the shuffle feature on Spotify.


To turn off shuffle in your Spotify Android or iOS app start the song you are playing in full-screen. Press the Shuffle button until it turns grey. To disable shuffle on the Spotify desktop or web player, press the Shuffle button till it changes to grey.

Shuffle in Spotify (Free and Premium)

The possibility to turn shuffle on and off can be a feature available only to Spotify Premium users. If you’re using Spotify Free, you are constantly stuck in the shuffle mode. You can’t select the music you wish to play and change the direction through your music as often as you want. The ads also play during songs.

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Turn off Shuffle in Spotify (Android as well as iOS)

If you’re listening to Spotify via your smartphone Shuffle can be turned off by fully-screening the track playing and then pressing the Shuffle button within the controls for media until it changes to gray. This button resembles two arrows intertwined. If the shuffle mode is turned enabled the button will turn green and have a dot under it.

If you’ve music on your queue, it will be played first over the music that is played. The queued-up music will play in the order you set it unless you take it off of the queue.

Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify (Desktop and Web Player)

If you’re using a desktop or a web player, switch off the shuffle by pressing the button to shuffle. button till it goes grey. It appears like two arrows intertwined and can be found in the playback bar located at the lower right of the screen. If the mode of shuffle is turned on the button will appear green and a dot will be underneath it.

When you’ve got music queued up the music will be given precedence over the music that is played. The queued music will play in a sequential order until you take it off of the queue.

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Can You Turn Off Shuffle Play on Spotify Without Premium?

Shuffle play is a feature only available to Spotify Premium users. If you’re using a free Spotify account, it can only play playlists in the shuffle mode. Upgrade the account to Spotify Premium unlocks the ability to play music in any order that you wish to.


Why can’t I switch off the shuffle feature for Spotify?

If you cannot turn off the shuffle feature, you may be using the free edition Spotify that limits playback to the shuffle mode. To turn off the shuffle, you’ll need a Premium Spotify subscription.

How can I tell whether the shuffle is active?

The shuffle button located on the “Now Playing” screen or within the “Now Playing” bar will be green when the shuffle is activated. If you click or tap to turn off the shuffle, it will change to grey or white.

Does the Shuffle turn-off apply to every device?

Once you’ve turned off shuffle for your account, it will apply to all devices that are logged into the Spotify account, whether using your smartphone, computer or the web player.

Does there exist a distinction between shuffle in albums and playlists?

The shuffle feature is the same for albums and playlists. It is possible to turn the shuffle off or on depending on your preferences, provided you have a Premium Spotify subscription.

What are the advantages of using Spotify Premium, besides switching off Shuffle?

Spotify Premium has many advantages like ad-free listening unlimited plays, skips and higher quality sound.


The ability to turn off shuffle to turn off shuffle Spotify is easy when you’ve figured out where to find it! If you’re using the web player, mobile device or a desktop application you’ll be able to enjoy your music in whatever preferred order. If you’re on a free account and you find the shuffle interface frustrating, consider switching to Spotify Premium for more control.

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